Why do some dogs eat poop?


Cow poop, sheep poop, horse poop, unidentified poop … sometimes, their own poop. Do you not feed them – of course not, you feed them the very best of food, designed just for their health and most of us feed them a little more in the form of treats.  It can’t possibly taste good … can it?


I bet you didn’t know that because poop-eating is such a common occurrence, it has a name  “coprophagia”. There’s a lot of reasons your dog might eat poop, and sometimes it does warn of a problem. Other times it’s just absolutely gross and a very very annoying habit, made even more disgusting by their attempts to give you big sloppy kisses (lick) afterwards.


Puppies will often try some poop, because they are learning and exploring and don’t know any better. Luckily, most puppies will grow out of it.  Nursing mothers will often eat the poop of their puppies to clean up after them.  Then there is puppy see, puppy do.  Because they see their mum eat poop, they think it’s what they should do, too.

pup look

Some poops, such as cat poop are interesting appetisers, and so they raid the litter box — to see what little treats their cat friends left for them.


However, it could be a sign that there’s some sort of behavioural issue developing. This is where knowing your dog is so important.  Ask yourself, do they spend too much time alone? Because they may be eating poop to get your attention, particularly if you make a fuss about it, and unintentionally give them the attention their craving, even yelling maybe seen as better than nothing attention?


Unfortunately, it could be a sign of medical concern too, particularly if your adult dog suddenly starts chomping down on poop.   Ask yourself, are they getting enough nutrients, they might be trying to supplement their diet. This may happen if they’re on food that’s not the best quality, or if they’re developing some underlying condition like diabetes.   Remember when unsure see your vet, better to be safe than sorry.


AND let’s face it, while dogs are awesome, smart, loyal and loving, they can be kinda gross too.




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