Train dogs to respond to “no”


Your dog needs to learn how to know when they doing something wrong. Teaching your dog to respond to “no” teaches them precisely that.

How to teach “No”

Most training succeeds by rewarding good behaviour and ignoring unwanted responses. Essentially, your dog wants your approval. However, sometimes it’s necessary to tell your dog that his behaviour is NOT ON!


The steps

  • To teach “No!”, first get some treats. you now need to teach him that the word “No” means no treat.  Place a treat on the floor. As your dog goes to eat it, say in a firm voice “No”. Remove the treat as you say “No”.  Don’t yell or get upset, just say “No” like you mean “No”.
  • After a few repetitions, your dog should begin to associate the word “No” with not getting a reward. Eventually, he won’t even attempt to take the treat, anticipating the “No”, and give up, looking disappointed.
  • Now get him to perform another action, such as a ‘sit’, or something you know he can do for which he will be given a treat, thus relieving his previous disappointment and frustration.
  • Soon your dog will begin to associate the actions where he has encountered the “No”, as a fail to please you, and will cease trying without you having to say “No”.  For example, he won’t jump up on the counter, or the bed etc without you needing to say No!!!  You must be consistent though.


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