It has been said that the dog is man’s best mate, and for good reason. For millennia, our canine companions have assisted us, human beings, in searching for food, hunting animals, protecting the home, decreasing our blood pressure and other healing attributes, playing with children, and much more. In order to get the most out of your relationship with your dog (furever mate), you need to have a basic grasp of how they think and communicate i.e. a solid grasp of basic canine psychology, and it’s not difficult to obtain.

You know there are times when your furever mate seems to understand just what you’re thinking. Over the years, the field of canine psychology has demonstrated that there is a large degree of truth in this feeling. Dogs are able to learn words – specifically nouns and verbs – so that they know what their owners are referring to when they issue commands. Furthermore, dogs can follow the gaze of their owners, and they demonstrate other behaviours that are also evident in human psychology. Dogs can even become susceptible to disorders such as depression and compulsive behaviour.

My name is Sharon Church my furever mates and beloved family members are Zeus a long haired German Shepherd and Misha a Briard.   I’m a qualified Dog Psychologists who is dedicated to the betterment of dogs all over the world. I believe that education is key and being able to share information with others is the best way for us all to learn. I’m hoping this blog will help me achieve my goal.

Please say hello and let me know if there is anything you would like to know about or if there’s something you think I should know about.

Lets learn together and enjoy our precious time with our “forever” mates